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Hello Folks,’s had a tremendous response from the community at large and we’re moving up. We realize that to move up to the next level we need the help of some super smart and passionate people.

If you’re someone who’s been involved in the sales of Payroll products and want to be involved in the next generation products in this space, let’s get in touch.

If you’re someone who’s been doing Payroll for big and small companies and deeply understand the complexity and importance to exposing only the simplicity to the user, let’s get in touch.

Though, we’re based in Jaipur, we’re happy to have you be based out of the metros.

Don’t send us your resume, write to us in detail about how our coming together is going to be beneficial to both. Write to us about your ambitions, your achievements and how you think you will promote, market and sell

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mail us at : workforus at salaree dot com

Passworded PDFs

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Alongwith Attendance we’re also really happy to introduce password protected Salary Slip and Salary Sheet documents.

This is obviously optional but we encourage you to password encode your important business documents.

Each Salary Slip for an employee has two passwords. One generic company password (known to the HR Admin) that can open any Employee Salary Slip and another which is known only to the Employee.

Employee passwords are assigned by the HR Admin and shared only with the Employee. If you choose not to have passwords per employee, you can give a default employee password which will be used for all Salary Slips.

So, in summary

1. Company Password – opens all payslips, kept secret with HR Admin

2. Employee Password – opens only the employee’s payslip, kept secret with the employee, given by HR Admin. HR admin can choose to give a default same password to all employee if they find it hassling to give a separate one to each employee.

We would love feedback from you, whether you like it or changed it somehow.

Attendance is now available

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We’re happy to let you know that the attendance module is now available on the application.

This optional module can now be selected as a calculator in the Company settings. With the attendance module, you can now input daily time-ins, time-outs and leave types for each employee. This fine grained input allows you to have a deeper understanding times and leave calculation in your organization.

We’ll be introducing more reports and trends graphs relating to attendance in the near future.


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