Keyboard Shortcuts, Equated TDS Calculator, Incentives and more

Since our last post, a number of new goodies are available on

We now have keyboard shortcuts in our application to allow you to navigate the application without leaving the comfort of your keyboard. Press ‘H’ after logging in and see a panel listing the shortcuts available. We’ve tried to make it intuitive. For e.g. Pressing “E” takes you to the employees page and “F” to feedback. Pressing Left arrow and Right arrow on a table allows you to traverse up and down in a table. More shortcuts will be added in the future for your ease. We may allow users to remap and create your own shortcuts in the future.

On another front, we’ve added another option to our Tax Calculator. So far, you had the option of picking one of two TDS Calculators. The first option was Manual TDS calculator, allowing you to enter the TDS amount to be deducted as per your own manual calculation. The other option, deducted TDS as and when the employee fell under the tax net. Businesses are under no obligation to deduct tax unless and until the employee actually falls under the tax net. However, based on our feedback, some businesses prefer to determine the annual earning of each employee and deduct an equated amount as TDS each month. The new TDS calculator option calculates tax as per the annualized equated tax deduction based on facts provided. The option is available under Settings in the Calculators tab as “Annually Equated Tax Calculator”.

Based on feedback, we also have an ad-hoc incentive allowance calculator. This allows the business to enter an ad-hoc performance incentive on any employee for any month. This incentive is given as a one-off bonus to the employee and is considered taxable.

There is an option to generate condensed Pay Slips for the business as opposed to the detailed one-page long detailed Pay Slip in case the business so desires.

It seems we were missing the Quarterly TDS statement. This form assists the business in depositing TDS every quarter. The TDS receipt number from the Income Tax department can be stored and mapped against all the employees for the benefit of mentioning in their Form 16.

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