Keyboard Shortcuts, Equated TDS Calculator, Incentives and more

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Since our last post, a number of new goodies are available on We now have keyboard shortcuts in our application to allow you to navigate the application without leaving the comfort of your keyboard. Press ‘H’ after logging in and see a panel listing the shortcuts available. We’ve tried to make it intuitive. For […] is hiring!

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Hello Folks,’s had a tremendous response from the community at large and we’re moving up. We realize that to move up to the next level we need the help of some super smart and passionate people. If you’re someone who’s been involved in the sales of Payroll products and want to be involved in […]

Passworded PDFs

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Alongwith Attendance we’re also really happy to introduce password protected Salary Slip and Salary Sheet documents. This is obviously optional but we encourage you to password encode your important business documents. Each Salary Slip for an employee has two passwords. One generic company password (known to the HR Admin) that can open any Employee Salary […]

Attendance is now available

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We’re happy to let you know that the attendance module is now available on the application. This optional module can now be selected as a calculator in the Company settings. With the attendance module, you can now input daily time-ins, time-outs and leave types for each employee. This fine grained input allows you to have […]

Since our launch..

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Since we’ve launched, we’ve been Stumbled Upon, Linked In, looked via Facebook, twittered and checked out. Thanks! Your feedback is necessary for us to grow and become better, so come forth with all your suggestions, brickbats, whatever you want to say. Check out the pockmarks all over India from where we’ve been hit. Cheers!

Employee State Insurance (ESI)

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ESI or Employee State Insurance Act is applicable to most companies in India. This post talk about ESI’s basic rules and how it is supported in

The SaaS Edge

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All your data is secure on our ultra reliable servers in Germany. All data is backed up nightly to our servers in the United States. Compare this with your most critical data lying on a rickety old computer in your office. How many times have you had to lose time because of faulty hard disks? […]

Provident Fund for Beginnners

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Eligibility If you are a company that has more than 20 employees then your company must be registered with the ‘Employee Provident Fund Organization, India. If your company strength ever reduces below 20, you must continue to be registered with the Provident Fund. Contribution Under the EPF Act, the employee and employer must contribute towards […]


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