Keyboard Shortcuts, Equated TDS Calculator, Incentives and more

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Since our last post, a number of new goodies are available on

We now have keyboard shortcuts in our application to allow you to navigate the application without leaving the comfort of your keyboard. Press ‘H’ after logging in and see a panel listing the shortcuts available. We’ve tried to make it intuitive. For e.g. Pressing “E” takes you to the employees page and “F” to feedback. Pressing Left arrow and Right arrow on a table allows you to traverse up and down in a table. More shortcuts will be added in the future for your ease. We may allow users to remap and create your own shortcuts in the future.

On another front, we’ve added another option to our Tax Calculator. So far, you had the option of picking one of two TDS Calculators. The first option was Manual TDS calculator, allowing you to enter the TDS amount to be deducted as per your own manual calculation. The other option, deducted TDS as and when the employee fell under the tax net. Businesses are under no obligation to deduct tax unless and until the employee actually falls under the tax net. However, based on our feedback, some businesses prefer to determine the annual earning of each employee and deduct an equated amount as TDS each month. The new TDS calculator option calculates tax as per the annualized equated tax deduction based on facts provided. The option is available under Settings in the Calculators tab as “Annually Equated Tax Calculator”.

Based on feedback, we also have an ad-hoc incentive allowance calculator. This allows the business to enter an ad-hoc performance incentive on any employee for any month. This incentive is given as a one-off bonus to the employee and is considered taxable.

There is an option to generate condensed Pay Slips for the business as opposed to the detailed one-page long detailed Pay Slip in case the business so desires.

It seems we were missing the Quarterly TDS statement. This form assists the business in depositing TDS every quarter. The TDS receipt number from the Income Tax department can be stored and mapped against all the employees for the benefit of mentioning in their Form 16. is hiring!

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Hello Folks,’s had a tremendous response from the community at large and we’re moving up. We realize that to move up to the next level we need the help of some super smart and passionate people.

If you’re someone who’s been involved in the sales of Payroll products and want to be involved in the next generation products in this space, let’s get in touch.

If you’re someone who’s been doing Payroll for big and small companies and deeply understand the complexity and importance to exposing only the simplicity to the user, let’s get in touch.

Though, we’re based in Jaipur, we’re happy to have you be based out of the metros.

Don’t send us your resume, write to us in detail about how our coming together is going to be beneficial to both. Write to us about your ambitions, your achievements and how you think you will promote, market and sell

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mail us at : workforus at salaree dot com

Passworded PDFs

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Alongwith Attendance we’re also really happy to introduce password protected Salary Slip and Salary Sheet documents.

This is obviously optional but we encourage you to password encode your important business documents.

Each Salary Slip for an employee has two passwords. One generic company password (known to the HR Admin) that can open any Employee Salary Slip and another which is known only to the Employee.

Employee passwords are assigned by the HR Admin and shared only with the Employee. If you choose not to have passwords per employee, you can give a default employee password which will be used for all Salary Slips.

So, in summary

1. Company Password – opens all payslips, kept secret with HR Admin

2. Employee Password – opens only the employee’s payslip, kept secret with the employee, given by HR Admin. HR admin can choose to give a default same password to all employee if they find it hassling to give a separate one to each employee.

We would love feedback from you, whether you like it or changed it somehow.

Attendance is now available

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We’re happy to let you know that the attendance module is now available on the application.

This optional module can now be selected as a calculator in the Company settings. With the attendance module, you can now input daily time-ins, time-outs and leave types for each employee. This fine grained input allows you to have a deeper understanding times and leave calculation in your organization.

We’ll be introducing more reports and trends graphs relating to attendance in the near future.

Since our launch..

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Since we’ve launched, we’ve been Stumbled Upon, Linked In, looked via Facebook, twittered and checked out. Thanks! Your feedback is necessary for us to grow and become better, so come forth with all your suggestions, brickbats, whatever you want to say.

Check out the pockmarks all over India from where we’ve been hit. Cheers!

The SaaS Edge

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  • All your data is secure on our ultra reliable servers in Germany. All data is backed up nightly to our servers in the United States. Compare this with your most critical data lying on a rickety old computer in your office. How many times have you had to lose time because of faulty hard disks?
  • You own your data at all times. We help you export your data in the unlikely and unfortunate case that you decide to close your account with us.
  • Access your data ANYTIME, ANYWHERE 24-7 365! No matter where you are and when you need, if you have internet access you have all your information at your fingertips.
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity within your organization by enabling concurrent access to information from multiple branches and locations within your company. Let your employee be effective when they are telecommuting.
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing or eliminating capital expenditure on servers and other IT infrastructure your own and maintain and have to pay annual maintenance of.
  • Our interests are vested with yours. Subscription model based payment ensures that we as a vendor work hard for our money month after month. We don’t run away with a pot of cash to leave you in the lurch once the project is implemented. We need to provide good service to your each month to get our payback.
  • New features for free as we implement and improve our service to attract new customers. You benefit from our hard work without ever having to upgrade or install new software. No more migration. It all just works seamless month after month
  • Powerful IT Infrastructure or as it is more popularly called these days, Cloud Computing. We maintain and manage large powerful servers that you would not be economical for you to own because we handle many accounts. We put our intelligence to make the platform scale and be redundant to give you the reliability that you deserve.
  • Extremely low cost of entry with a sliding scale in cost as you scale and grow. Our subscription model is based on the number of employees you manage on a monthly basis. So if you are just starting up, your monthly outflow is very small. As you grow, the per month, per employee cost reduces and your total outflow remains manageable and under control.
  • Focus on your core business and not on non-core supporting aspects. There is no reason to spend precious resources managing non-core areas of your business now that you have professionals taking care of specialized areas.


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