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Logging In & Getting Started

Getting Support

Configuring your Business Rules

Price Plans and Payments


Logging In & Getting Started

Where do I log in?
You log in at your pre-selected subdomain. Something like The account owner should know the name of the subdomain. If you are unable to find your domain, please send us an email at “” with your Company name and we’ll help you out.

Can I have multiple uers?
Yes you can! You can have as many administrators at as you wish. In the near future we will support roles for those users too!

Why do I need to provide my mobile number?
This is a totally optional field. But if you provide us your mobile number then can send you, your login activation code via SMS. We also use this number to send you can SMS when your salary runs get completed.

I signed up, but now it’s not letting my log in!
We require you to authenticate your email address before access (otherwise we’ll never have a reliable way to get back in touch with you). Please check your email for a message from us containing an activation code link. You can click on that link or put the activation code contained in it when asked during logging in. Please do check your spam box in case our email’s been incorrectly marked as spam.

Will I be getting unnecessary emails from or other business associates, ever?
Never ever! We hate spam as much as you do and protect your identity like its our own. We will never share your information with anyone else knowingly unless you instruct us to.

Getting Support

Can you please send me your documentation via courier?

Unfortunately no! We’re sorry but we don’t even have a printer in our office. Our aim is to firstly have our User Interface self-explanatory so there is no need for documentation, it should just be natural and intuitive. For tricky bits, we should enhance our User Interface so you can fetch help on those screens. We also aim to have videos and other help available on this website. If this still doesnt answer, then you’ve got the Forums. You can always email us your query at And if you dont get any answer from that then shame on us. Please pooh pooh us in public.

Can we call you on phone?

Really? Okay, the number’s on the contact page.

Where is your office, I want to meet you?

We love meeting our customers! Our address is real and available on the contact page. You’re welcome!

Can I buy premium support? I want payroll support 24-7.

Sorry, not yet. Support available during normal business hours only. But feel free to post your queries, sometimes we work late.

I want to see some Videos, where are yours?

Yes, we love videos too and soon you’ll find them on this website.

Do you run Payroll training? My staff need to sit in a classroom.

Oh noes! No we dont plan to, but talk to us, maybe we can help.

Configuring your Business Rules

What is a Calculator, in terminology?

Good question! In our terminology a Calculator is a module that you can select (or not) if it seems applicable to your company.
For some things, you need to pick a calculator from the available options and others are purely optional. Each calculator enhances your Payroll functionality and not picking one simplifies your life.
We suggest that you pick the ones that you need now and add more as and when you need to.

How do I select a Calculator?

Go to “Settings” after you’ve logged in and the select the “Calculators” tab. Select the calculator you want to add AND remember to press ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.

Can I just pick all the calculators? Am I charged extra?

Yes you can! No you’re not charged extra. But we suggest you keep your life simple and pick only the ones you really need. Like you dont need Professional Tax Calculator if you’re based in Rajasthan, so dont pick that calculator. Not that picking it is going to harm you but it’s just unnecessary clutter.

Can I just drop a calculator?

Yes, just go to the “Settings” page and click the “Calculators” tab. Deselect the calculator and remember to press update at the bottom.

I think I need a calculator that you don’t have?

Shucks!! Sorry, we missed something. Please write to us and we’ll work on it as soon as we can. There’s one caveat, we need to be convinced that this calculator is really required by many many companies. As of now, we cannot really build custom calculators for you. BUT our long term strategy is that this will become a platform that developers will build their own plugins on.

Price Plans and Payments

Can I pay via Credit Card?

Free while in Beta!! But yes ultimately that’s how we’ll prefer it.

How will you do regular Credit Card payments?

We’ll see the total number of employees you had in the previous month and multiply that with the per employee charge and that’s how much we’ll charge.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time but you need to wait until the end of the month for a downgrade.

Can I cancel my account and get a refund?

Oh noes!! Okay sure, please let us know and we wont bill you any further. If you are canceling in the middle of the month, then there is no refund for that month.

How else can I pay your if not by Credit Card? Can I send you a cheque? Paypal?

We see how this is important. You can do direct deposits into our bank account soon. Tell us more about the how you want to pay and we’ll investigate that from our end.

Can you custom design a pricing plan for my company?

Okay, that’s going to be hard. Make us an offer we can’t refuse but it’s highly unlikely. No bargaining please.


Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We guard your data with our lives almost. It is absolutely important and we take this very seriously. The business model is based on trust and we live by that principle. Our data centre in Germany follows the highest possible standards to ensure your data is secure and safe. If we’re making obvious mistake please do let us know ASAP.

Do you backup the data?

Yes, every night in US and India. Servers are running on redundant disks so you’re safe from disk failure.

Can I prevent user access based on time or location?

No, not yet, but we’re working on it.

Can I download and install on my office computer?

No. It’s hosted only service.


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